Matryoshka vision

Some people are watching TV in their homes.  They absorb the TV show into the narrative of their own lives. But further layers of narrative are being generated – nested like matryoshka dolls, each layer attracting new meanings. The TV show, framed by the people watching it, becomes embedded within the video footage taken by the security camera in the corner of the room.

Softbots are also watching. They are algorithmically-driven to seek out security cameras , probing for weaknesses in their defences.  The bots have no interest in what a camera sees, only in its configuration vulnerabilities. But they record what they discover, capturing a single still image from the surveillance camera’s video stream.

The TV show, its watchers and their homes now become data points . They form part of a global map of insecure connected devices – devices which form easy conscripts for hacker wargames.

An artist sifting through these millions of data points curates this collection of images, using them to construct a narrative about translated/transcoded images. Some people are watching people watching TV in their homes.

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