Non-persistence of vision

Emergence theory tells us that multiple systems can coalesce to produce something entirely new.

Object 1

Here we have the security camera, it’s a piece of dumb hardware, fixed in place and doing nothing but watching the world and recording what it sees.

Object 2

Over here we have the software algorithm, an idea expressed in numbers. A virtual scout exploring the frontiers of the interwebs with a simple purpose: to probe for weaknesses in the network. It traverses the world at the speed of electrons.

There are countless millions of 1 and only a handful of 2 but occasionally there are encounters between them. And when these two come together something transcendent happens, a brand new entity snaps into being – a machine which possesses both vision and an animating purpose. The TTL (Time To Live) of this ‘creature’ is no more than a few milliseconds. It emerges and expires far faster than any human watcher could detect, but it leaves a record, a snapshot of what it saw during its fleeting existence.

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